What I Wish I Knew When I Graduated High School

It is crazy to think that I graduated from high school three years ago. And my oh my, how much has changed...


Don't take the small things for granted.

You're going to want that family dinner again. You're going to wish you could walk the dogs every morning. You're going to miss seeing your best friends every day. Remember all of the little details and simple moments. You'll miss them.


Don't hold grudges.

The energy you spent hating that girl in high school was a waste of time, and holding that grudge throughout college is also a waste of time. Let it go. It's not worth it. Move on, and make amends.


You don't have to go to college.

This is a big one. When I graduated, I not only thought I had to go to college but I also thought I had to go away for college. After my freshman year in Albany, I quickly realized that living there was not for me. I headed back home for my sophomore year and then attended school online for my junior year, only to finally accept that I am not meant for college. I spent the last three years telling myself that going to college and receiving a Bachelor's degree was essential and had to be done. I was never interested in any of the curriculum I was learning. I knew what I was interested in, but I also knew none of what I wanted to do would be taught to me in college. So, you don't HAVE to go to college. You don't HAVE to get a degree. Do what you love.


Stay in touch with your best friends.

It might be hard to text every day, or call on the weekends. But try to stay in touch with the closest ones that you had to leave. Make plans to visit each other, Facetime once in a while, and stay up to date with your new lives.


But don't be upset or shocked when you lose touch with a lot of people.

The sad truth is that you probably won't speak to a large amount of the people you spoke to every day. You'll lose touch with some, drift away from others, and eventually you'll go weeks without seeing or hearing from them. It doesn't mean either of you don't care, but sometimes life just gets in the way.


Enjoy your time.

Don't rush your time after high school. You don't have to jump into a job or decide your career the second you walk out the doors. Take your time, breathe, and enjoy your time.


It's okay if a lot changes after high school.

It might not seem like it, but you'll be okay.


This is only the beginning.

There is so so so much more of your life left. You will laugh. You will get your heart broken. You will find new friends. You will lose yourself. You will have amazing nights. You will endure great loss. You will find great love. You will experience it all.