LED Light Therapy


anti-aging session | $50

20 minutes of red light + 20 minutes of yellow light to
tighten & firm the skin, increase circulation & improve skin's aging effects

40 minutes


mini session | $35

your choice of 1 light (blue/green/yellow/red)

20 minutes


deluxe session | $120

all 4 wavelengths of light therapy to
target a wide variety of skin concerns

1 hour 20 minutes
(20 minutes with each light)


*every appointment includes a cleanse, mask, & moisturizer*


what is led light therapy?


Ideal for pre-wedding prep or before a big event, a session only takes 20 minutes. It's also an effective and pain-free approach to treating skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation and adult acne. The sensation is akin to lying in the sun (many people fall asleep) and the cost is either built into the
every appointment includes a cleanse, mask & moisturizer.


which light is for you?

for acne, rosacea & other skin conditions

for sensitive skin & provides calming effect

relieves swelling + redness

anti-aging & relieves acne scarring


prior to appointment

Arrive with a fresh face!
* You cannot receive LED Light Therapy if you:
Have Epilepsy
Are pregnant or breastfeeding
Are currently on photosensitive drugs
Are currently taking Cortisone injections or any other kind of steroid injection(s)





Can I use skin care products in conjunction with receiving LED Light Therapy?
Yes. Light therapy actually increases the uptake and effectiveness of your high quality skin care products.
Your results will happen faster if used with them.

How often can I receive it?
You can receive 20 to 25 minutes of each color as often as 3 to 4 times a week.

How long will it take to see results?
Most people will see initial results in 4 to 8 weeks. Some notice results in as short as 1 to 3 weeks, while some take as long as 9 to 11 weeks.