lash extensions


Classic Full Set | $110

initial appointment
1 extension on each natural lash


Quick Fill | $25

1 week fill


Fill | $45

2 week fill


Extended Fill | $60

3+ week fill

hybrid Full Set | $130

initial appointment
A combination of Classic & Volume lashes


Quick Fill | $30

1 week fill


Fill | $50

2 week fill


Extended Fill | $65

3+ week fill

volume Full Set | $150

initial appointment
a fan of extensions on each natural lash


Quick Fill | $30

1 week fill


Fill | $50

2 week fill


Extended Fill | $65

3+ week fill

add-ons & extras

Lash Cleanse Add-On | $10

lash cleanser & hydrating mist before appointment


Collagen Lip Mask Add-On | $10

hydrating, plumping & moisturizing lip mask during appointment


Patch Test | $10

application of 3 lash extensions on outer corners of eyes to check for reaction


Lash Removal | $25

Removals due to reactions are complementary


what are lash extensions?

Lash extensions enhance the fullness, length, and curl of your lashes by attaching extensions to each of your individual natural lashes with semi-permanent adhesive.


Prior to Appointment

1. Do not arrive to your appointment wearing any moisturizers or oils on your face.
2. Do not arrive to your appointment wearing any eye makeup, especially mascara.
3. Do not curl your natural eyelashes the day of your appointment.



For the first 12 โ€“ 24 hours and for long term care of your lashes, please:
1. Do not get your lashes wet.
2. Do not pick or pull on your lashes.
3. Gently cleanse your lashes using Borboleta's lash cleanser.
4. Brush your lashes daily to keep them from being tangled.
5. Do not sleep on your face. (You will experience more lash loss on the side you sleep on more.)
6. Avoid oily and waterproof products.
7. Cleanse your face nightly so your lashes are clean while you sleep.
8. If you can, invest in a silk pillow. They will help your lashes last longer!
9. Do not curl your lashes.
10. Get a lash fill every 2-3 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is an appointment required?
Yes, we cannot accept walk-ins for eyelash extensions. However, you are welcome to stop by at any time to ask questions.

How do I prepare for my appointment?
Please come to the studio with no makeup on your eyes. You cannot get your extensions wet for 12 hours after the appointment, so it is recommended to shower before arriving.

How are eyelash extensions applied?
Eyelash extensions are applied individually on each of your natural eyelashes. They are never applied onto your skin. Your eyes will be closed the entire time. Clients generally fall asleep and wake up to longer, thicker eyelashes.

What is the difference between Classic, Hybrid, and Volume lashes?
Classic: one extension applied to each natural lash
Volume: a fan of extensions applied to each natural lash
Hybrid: a combination of Classic & Volume lashes

What happens when I arrive for my first appointment?
Upon arriving to the studio, you will have the chance to express your desired look to your lash artist, as well as ask any questions you have about the extensions before beginning your appointment. After going over any questions or concerns, the lash application will begin.

Does the application of eyelash extensions hurt?
No, the process is painless and relaxing. Many clients even take a nap during their appointment. 

How do I take care of my extensions?
Please avoid water for at least 12 hours after your appointment to ensure that the adhesive is completely cured. Avoid any products containing oil, all oil-free please. Do not rub, pick, or pull at your eyelashes. There are care cards available for you to take home if you would like a list of dos and donts.

How long will my eyelash extensions last?
The eyelash extensions will fall out with your natural eyelashes, so it is recommended for most clients to get a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks. Our 2 week fill is our most popular option, however if you still have 50% of your eyelashes remaining at the 3 week point, you can get the Extended Fill. We also have the option to come every week for those who would like to ensure every eyelash is accounted for. If you wait too long to get a fill, your eyelash extensions will fall out and you will need to get a full set.

Can I still wear makeup?
Absolutely - as long as the products you are using are not oil based.

Do I need to wear mascara while I have extensions?
No! Wearing mascara can make your extensions fall off easier and faster, so please avoid it. As for eyeliner, please try to use eyelash-safe eyeliner and please avoid eyelash curlers.

Will the extensions damage my natural eyelashes?
Absolutely not! As long as you do not pick or pull your eyelashes out, you should be fine.

Can I swim, shower, and exercise while having extensions?
Yes. The bonding agent in the adhesive is waterproof, however please wait at least 12 hours after your appointment before getting them wet. After that time, you can do it all while wearing the extensions. The adhesive will begin to break down over time, so if you find yourself swimming in chlorine often try wearing goggles to help with retention.

If I do not want extensions anymore, how do I get them removed?
The extensions will fall out naturally with your real lashes, so the entire process can take a while to be complete. It is highly recommended to come to the studio and get your extensions removed.