Accessorizing 101

Accessories can make a simple outfit better in seconds. Today's post includes three simple tips when it comes to accessorizing any look.


Tip #1

Wear a bold accessory with simple clothing

Simple, understated clothing can be amplified when you add a bold accessory. When you add a necklace or statement piece to a neutral outfit, it gives you the opportunity to advance your look. An advantage of wearing neutral colors means your accessories can be the pop of color in your outfit.


Tip #2

Wear an accessory that brings out a color in your outfit

Playing up a color makes your look appear more put together. If your outfit has more than one color in it, choose a color and wear an accessory that emphasizes that hue. Since my shorts were a light, pale green I paired my seashell necklace with the outfit. The greens and teals in the necklace play off of the shorts and tie the look together.


Tip #3

Your makeup can be an accessory too

You don't always need to wear a statement piece or excessive amounts of jewelry. Instead, you can play up your makeup. Let that be the accessory! Personally, I am infatuated with highlighting my cheekbones and nose so that is one way I tend to "accessorize" my look. Other ideas could be wearing false eyelashes, using a bright lip color, or dramatic eye makeup.


Photography: ser.en.dip.iti Photography by Rachael Leigh


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